May 2, 2013

What if..

Hi bloggie, I need a place to release.
I know his joking to me, but yet the photo, really hurts!
I never thought he will think that I'm overly attached, seriously we meet less than once a week.
Is it wanting your boyfriend to inform you about their whereabouts too much?
I actually understand why he say so, because he never ever ask about my whereabouts, it's quite good sometimes, but sometimes there's a need for a boyfriend caring what the hell i'm doing, where am I, and how am I. like seriously, a little bit it's enough.

Guess what, I get NOTHING!!

If putting too much effort too much hope on this rs to make it lasts is wrong, then tell me,
what should I do when I really love someone so deeply, what should I do when he's being treated as part of my family and life?
or maybe am the only one wanting a stable and forever relationship. Maybe I'm the only one wanting to marry. Too Desperate? ? HAHAHA

I just wish after the incident you would at least know how to appreciate more, I just wish for a little bit more bf n gf way of care. What can i ask for more? When I always get nothing. But fine, it seems like it's always my fault after saying all this to him causing arguments. put ur leg in my shoes :)

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