May 2, 2013

What if..

Hi bloggie, I need a place to release.
I know his joking to me, but yet the photo, really hurts!
I never thought he will think that I'm overly attached, seriously we meet less than once a week.
Is it wanting your boyfriend to inform you about their whereabouts too much?
I actually understand why he say so, because he never ever ask about my whereabouts, it's quite good sometimes, but sometimes there's a need for a boyfriend caring what the hell i'm doing, where am I, and how am I. like seriously, a little bit it's enough.

Guess what, I get NOTHING!!

If putting too much effort too much hope on this rs to make it lasts is wrong, then tell me,
what should I do when I really love someone so deeply, what should I do when he's being treated as part of my family and life?
or maybe am the only one wanting a stable and forever relationship. Maybe I'm the only one wanting to marry. Too Desperate? ? HAHAHA

I just wish after the incident you would at least know how to appreciate more, I just wish for a little bit more bf n gf way of care. What can i ask for more? When I always get nothing. But fine, it seems like it's always my fault after saying all this to him causing arguments. put ur leg in my shoes :)

February 16, 2010

happy cny

sorry for the late update again.
how's your cny ar? enjoy? bored? tired?
hahahas. me is enjoy,bored and tired.
went back to hometown on the first day.
ishh. i thought it'll be quite fun there.
but most of my counsins didnt turn up.
miss last few years cny.
always play till late midnight.
but this year can say is quite boring there.
i enjoy the 30th dinner only. eating non-stop.
laughing non-stop. XD

this the youngest cousin of mine~ cute boy~

eating non-stop only~fatty. xD

now i'm back in kl.
went to visit aunt ytd.
their two dogs is so so cute.
i wish to have one. XD

nice nice dogs~

see the dog's leg~
who's free this few days?
any plans ma?
friday only can bai nian with friends.
i'm so boring at home lah weiii~

just a short update here.
didnt sleep well last night.
having headache =(

February 13, 2010


3weeks staying at home.
finally i get to go out today.
gosh~ but stil having scar on my body.
which i really hate it =(
when would it recover fully ar?

since valentine's day falls on 14feb.
and i'm going back hometown tomorrow.
so have to celebrate it today.

went for lunch at TonyRoma
i cant eat chicken all those.
so have no choice but to choose fish only.

grilled pacific cod~ i love it! it's nice!
and this is his ribeye~

the meat is half-cooked stil have blood. eeww~

then went to search for my white shorts.
but couldn't get one. =(
went for valentines day movie.
the movie is nice.
but kent always shaking me ask me to see the couple beside us.
hahahas. funny lah them. so gik in the cinema! XD

went to MOF for ice cream.

kent snapping pics non-stop.
but then my look was so ugly. ishh~

since we spent quite a lot for lunch.
so choose a cheaper place for dinner.
which is Wongkok~

see his fierce look .XD
i'm quite full after eating ice cream.
so didnt finished the rice. XD
went back home after dinner.

i had a great day today♥

February 1, 2010


finally finish watching海派甜心
funny and sweet show.
should watch it leh.XD
and xiao zhu so so lengzai ar!

this is 丑不垃圾香菇头
hahas. thats the name that rainie call him.
funny leh the way rainie treat him.XD

spend my sick days watching this show
and now i'm recovering le.
the red spots going away soon.
i'm desperate to go out right now!
i miss shopping lots!

January 29, 2010

sick girl

i'mma sick girl now
gosh~having chicken pox for a week le
thought wil recover quite fast
then can go out today
today sat ar have date with babes ar
why so unlucky have it now
staying at home so many days
i will be bored to death soon
i miss shopping
i miss him lots
i miss my babes
all the plans for this week cancel
and i'm so down
sorry that cant meet up wit u all
and sorry to mzyoka cant go midv wit u
grrrr~ pray hard that the red spots go away faster
i wanna go out ar!

January 26, 2010




January 13, 2010

a date with him

went midv with him today.
i thought can rush for 12pm movie.
but at last oso reach there late.
nvm watch JU-ON next time.XD

went for lunch lunch.
then watch panaromal activity movie
the lady being pulled off the bed is the scariest part.
the whole movie is not that scary~

went forHaagen-Dazs.
i like the tiramisu ice-cream. =)

and took some pics pics

went for the second movie
did you hear about the morgans?

hahahs. funny movie~
dun betray the one you love =)
then went to gardens for dinner.
first time eating the steamboat.
and it's nice! =)

back home after dinner.
bii abit emo cant get his cap.
aiks~ S.M.I.L.E =)